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About Us

Welcome to
CalmCare Healthy Living

Calmcare Healthy Living stands as the foremost housing organization dedicated to addressing the unique needs of seniors and individuals facing challenges related to developmental and behavioral health issues. At the heart of our mission is creating a nurturing and compassionate environment tailored to the distinctive needs of all our special needs clients. Recognizing housing as a fundamental human necessity catalyzes positive change across humanity. Through providing housing and our core tenets, we aspire to bring about transformative change and empower our clients to enhance their lives. Our multifaceted program encompasses support for elderly care, high-risk adults and housing solutions for homeless individuals by providing an array of supportive services notable for care and comfort throughout DFW communities.

Why choose us



We uphold the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, recognizing and honoring the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that enrich our community.


We approach our work with a deep understanding and compassion for our client's challenges, striving to create a supportive and understanding environment.


Committed to continuous improvement, we encourage a culture of learning and development, both personally and organizationally, to adapt to evolving needs and provide the best possible care.


We instill a sense of pride and responsibility in our clients by fostering an environment where they feel ownership of their living spaces and are empowered to contribute to the community's well-being actively.


Our Services

Senior care and Personal Care Homes
Independent living Group Homes
Disability services


Senior care and Personal Care Homes
Disability services
Independent living Group Homes

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